Rebel Folk Founder

Name - Natalie Osborn

Business Name - Rebel Folk 

Email Address  - natalieosborn@rebelfolk.com

What makes you a rebel? 

As long as I can remember I've been a rebel. In the past my rebellion showed itself in negative ways. Now I've become more aware at the life I want to live, and how it doesn't necessarily fit the world view of 'normal' and that's okay. I want to be authentic in who I am, and not live my life based on how others believe I should live it. 

Which Rebel Ways pertain to you? 

Dreamer, Creator, Mover, Wanderer

What's your dream retreat?

I would love to do a retreat somewhere tropical with all my Rebel friends there leading people in honest self discovery. 

Which charity or organization would your retreat support and why?

Best Friends Animal Society, and Nuzzles and Co. because I love animals and believe every animal deserves a happy home.

Website - you're on it ;)